About Us

Although our application deadline has passed and all senior editorial positions are filled, we welcome anyone who wishes to get involved with us at any time of the year.  

2021-2022 Staff Bios

Kayla Peden prides herself in her ability to chug KFC gravy. 

Andreea Calin thinks Lily Weeks and Isabelle Clark are dating; she’s concerned how it will impact the workplace environment.

Kierstin Wilkins once used a pogo stick and yo-yo at the same time and it’s been downhill ever since.

Abby Webb enjoys long walks on the beach and eating copious amounts of sand. 

McKenna Tanner goes through life perpetually concerned, but it’s probably not a big deal. Right?

Ariana Wang is in need of a Tetra sponsor. If you’d like to volunteer, you can contact her at axw1@rice.edu.

Kristie Lynn would like to have a fountain in her backyard one day.

Kaitlyn Keyes thinks that chocolate should be on the food pyramid.

Lily Weeks is dating Isabelle Clark, and it will affect the workplace environment.

Caleb Dukes was Josh Safdie’s muse for “Uncuh Jams.”

If you crack open Julia Li, torrents of iced matcha lattes might come flowing out. 

Colton Alstatt must be atheist the way they’re going ape. 

Katherine Jeng is fighting allegations of being a lactose-intolerant, coffee-hating barista.

Grace Yetter is an avid hobby jumper, whose latest activities include learning the harmonica and amateur molecular gastronomy.

Dasseny Arreola is being a simp again. Someone stop her.  

Bruno Moscoso will gaslight you into thinking you never met him.

Who the f**k is Marcus Munshi?

Cooper Valentine checked the weather, and it’s gettin real oppy outside.

Riley Combes moonlights as Megan Thee Stallion’s bodyguard 

Maria Morkas avoids her problems by running to Chaus the night before her exam. 

Hannah Young is a proud parent of 27 sea monkeys. 

Ella Hoyt wants her 27 beautiful babies to know Mama’s coming and she’ll have custody soon

Janai Kameka is a reclusive book hoarder who can and will bite your hand off if you interrupt her reading.

On rainy days, Selena Shi is a Victorian novel made of boba tea.  

Doyin Aderele is powered by Lemonade

Moses Glickman hopes this email finds you well.

Grace Xu believes that math belongs in the humanities. (It’s true.)

Grace Kwon believes Grace Xu (and you!) should just major in English.

Izzy Natchev stared at her screen for 10 minutes. This is all she could come up with. 

Hannah Son is at least 6’4. 

Cg Marinelli always has the basic requirements of a charcutterie board in her mini-fridge. 

Cameron Liu is trying to stop global warming by going to rec once a month.

Isabelle Clark was too busy kissing Lily Weeks to write a bio.